From vision to vessel

Greetings, friends.

For the past year, I have been immersed in bringing a dream to fruition. Here is a peek at the outcome of months of study with my Jicarilla teacher and master potter, Felipe Ortega. There is much more to show and share, which I will do in the coming weeks.

This primary micaceous clay is harvested and processed in small batches from the sacred ground of Northern New Mexico and the Colorado Plateau. This body of work reflects my respect for the beauty of functional vessels that stay true to simple, basic form. It is also inextricably tied to my belief in the critical importance of indigenous and heirloom foods. For me, the notion that we can harvest our functional utensils out of the very earth in which we grow our crops is complete fruition. (Cooking in the earth from which our foods are grown … you can’t get much more local than that.)

These cooking pots are hand-built in the traditional Jicarilla tradition.

(Update: some of you have inquired whether I have vessels for sale — yes! This run is limited, and I maintain a waiting list if you have a specific request for size/type. My gallery will be updated soon. For information on availability and pricing, send email to

5 thoughts on “From vision to vessel

  1. Very nice, Donna. It looks like you have found your medium.
    The mixing of basic, simple food with basic, simple cooking vessels, all raised by hand and heart, fits well with the Donna I know.

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