About Me

I am a Colorado native of five generations. I hold a BA in Art, Culture and Religious Studies from Marylhurst University, with studies at Naropa University. In addition to painting and fiber arts, I work within a deeply traditional, indigenous pottery process to hand build cooking and drinking vessels. Through my work, I hope to raise awareness of the value of traditional land-based cultures, water conservation, and heirloom foods. My inspiration is found in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado and New Mexico–and is rooted in my memories of my great-grandparents, the gardens they grew, and the people they fed. My studio is based in Bend, Oregon, where I can gather around the family table with my children and grandchildren.

You may follow my story and new work at the Pine Cone Alley Studio Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have enjoyed visiting your Blog and look forward to showing you some natural beauty to inspire your artwork when you come to New Zealand.

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